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Custom Goal-Based Pricing

Unique situations require unique solutions which is why we custom craft every proposal to suit the precise needs and goals of each potential new client. We are not a one-size-fits-all templated strategy agency that makes basically the same exact pitch to every law firm in the country.


    I Want To
    Start Out Conservative

    I want to start off more conservative and plan to grow over time.

    $2,500 to $7500

    Per Month

    Modest Goals


    I Want To
    Be Aggressive Now

    I’ve seen your client reviews and I’m ready to invest now to get results now.

    $7,500 to $15,000

    Per Month

    Aggressive Goals


    I Want To
    Be A Dominant Player

    Let’s do this thing. I’m ready to dominate my market.

    $15,000 and Up

    Per Month

    Extremely Aggressive Goals

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What Services are Included at Each Level?

There are no pre-defined cookie cutter packages available. These examples are meant to show the typical price ranges we see clients most commonly fall into depending on their needs and goals.

Only after doing our homework on your local market could we possibly be in a realistic position to recommend the right combination of products and services for your law firm’s specific goals.


Do You Require a Long Term Commitment?

Because we are a truly custom shop, we do not require long term commitments. When deciding on term length, our main goal is to set up our new relationship in an optimal way that maximizes our chances of achieving a successful campaign outcome together.

The truth is that sometimes results will come quickly and other times they will take longer. When deciding on term it is wise to consider variables such as the competition of the target market and the health of the campaign we are inheriting.

If you have a half decent campaign going already with ok rankings that just needs some help from our experts to reach the next level, then a shorter contract term may be a good fit.

If you’re starting from a long ways behind your competition, your campaign needs a lot of work and you’re in a competitive market then a longer term commitment will likely be what’s best for you.

Rest assured we will discuss the pros and cons with you and settle on a term that we agree is in the best interest of all involved.