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Our SEO & Marketing Experts All Have A Minimum Of 10 Years Experience Running Digital Marketing Campaigns For Law Firms.

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Why Choose Esquire Digital?

Are you trying to find the best digital marketing company for your law firm’s online campaign? If so, how do you plan to evaluate which agency is the best SEO strategist, web designer, and lead generator for your firm? One of the easiest ways to evaluate legal digital marketing companies is to take a look at their reputation via legitimate reviews, testimonials, and other case studies. At Esquire Digital, we have a verifiable track record of achieving outstanding results for our clients. Here are the top reasons why some of the best law firms in the country chose Esquire Digital to improve and manage their online marketing campaigns.
  • 100% Law Firm Focused

    We believe our razor sharp focus on the legal industry is one of the primary reasons why we are able to achieve such a high level of successful results for our clients.

    Senior SEO Experts

    The best law firm marketing companies have a deep understanding of how SEO for law firms differs from other industries and have campaign managers with lots of legal SEO experience. All of our Marketing Experts have a minimum of 10+ years experience.

  • A Proven Track Record

    There is no substitute for a demonstrable record of success. Any agency can claim to be great at law firm digital marketing but only a select few have decades of client testimonials and case studies to back it up.

    Customer Service Focused

    A truly full-service legal marketing agency gives you an entire support team at your fingertips. Not only do you have a dedicated account manager and marketing consultant, you have access to the entire Esquire Digital marketing team.

  • Insightful Reports

    Great campaign reports are detailed and perfectly customized to your needs. We work with you to identify key metrics and set up a custom schedule that works for you. We are never out of touch or out of reach.

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A Reputation Built On Results

  • Berger Lagnese Logo
    We have seen dramatic improvements in performance since moving our website and SEO to the folks at Esquire Digital.
  • Andres & Berger Logo
    Everybody says they love the website, traffic is up, leads are up and their service is excellent.
  • Goodrich & Geist Logo
    We continue to increase our investment with Esquire Digital because the increase in business has been so great!

Case Studies

  • Case Study 01

    One of The Largest Personal Injury Firms in New Jersey Needed To Improve Lead Quality

    Blume Logo

    Blume, Forte, Fried, Zerres & Molinari Has More Million-Dollar Injury Recoveries Than Any Other Firm In New Jersey


    Increase in traffic


    Increase in conversions


    Increase in lead volume

  • Case Study 02

    Team Law Needed A Complete Overhaul of Their Digital Marketing Campaigns

    teamlaw logo

    Team Law Has Been Providing High Quality, Aggressive Legal Representation To NJ Residents For Over 60 Years


    Increase in traffic


    Increase in conversions


    Increase in lead volume

  • Case Study 03

    Goodrich & Geist, P.C. Was Looking To Dramatically Improve Their SEO Results

    Goodrich Logo

    Goodrich & Geist, P.C. Is One Of Pittsburgh's Top Rated Injury Law Firms


    Increase in traffic


    Increase in conversions


    Increase in lead volume

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    We create the optimal strategy to distribute your budget based on your firm’s goals. The skill and experience of your Esquire Digital campaign manager results in a maximum return on investment.

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    We take a custom approach to your marketing campaign. The bigger the goals, the broader the required scope required to make it happen.

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    We provide honest pricing for a first-class customer experience with a senior team of digital marketing managers. The size of your goals determines the size, scope, and budget required for your campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Law Firm Digital Marketing Services

How much do law firm digital marketing services cost?

We believe the best results come from custom campaigns and custom campaigns require custom pricing.

We will assess your website and current SEO rankings and then perform competitive research and analysis in your local market. Once our assessments and research are complete, we can provide you with a well informed budget recommendation.

Budget recommendations can vary greatly based on the competitiveness of your market and the size of your campaign goals.

How quickly will I see results from your law firm marketing services?

You should start seeing some SEO improvements in the first month or two. However, depending upon the level of competition and just how far behind your campaign is by comparison, it can take a little while longer to start seeing a significant business impact.

We can better answer this question for you after discussing specifics about your goals, assessing your current campaign and then completing a competitive market analysis.

Do you require long term contracts?

We do not require long term contracts. Most law firms have been burned in the past by inadequate providers and we are sympathetic. We don’t burn clients, we help them smoke the competition!

All we ask is for clients to give us a fair chance to see improved results from our marketing efforts. Some clients will see immediate results while others will take 6 months to a year.

How long it will take to see results depends on how stiff the competition is in your market and how far behind you are as compared to your competition. Digital marketing and SEO are not magic nor can you use some genius templated formula that “works every time” as some other “SEO gurus” would have you believe.

We will analyze your specific market and let you know where we think you stand as well as the kind of time and money investment we believe is likely necessary to see results.

It’s worth noting that timeframes can be shortened with significant upfront investments in content development and link building.

Will you provide references we can speak with?

How long will it take to get our digital marketing campaign up and running?

Certain things we can move on right away like content modifications, SEO tag changes, link building etc.. while other things may take more time like new content additions, rebuilding your site structure, improving your page load speeds, fixing technical errors etc..

We work quickly but always prioritize performance and strategy over the speed of launching a full digital marketing campaign.

Can we keep our current website and you just do the SEO?

Most of the time the answer is no for your own protection. Most websites are not built up to our Technical SEO specifications which can get in the way of your sites SEO success. We don’t want you throwing good money after bad so we can audit your website and let you know if your site qualifies.

What is link building and why is it important for SEO?

Link building is the practice of building one-way hyperlinks (also known as “backlinks”) from one website to another website with the goal of improving search engine rankings and increasing referral traffic. Some of the most common link building strategies include content marketing, guest posting, email outreach, scholarship campaigns and public relations efforts.

Link building is important because the are a heavily weighted ranking factor in most search engine algorithms especially Google.