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Blume Forte Fried Zerres and Molinari stand out as a premier Personal Injury firm in New Jersey, boasting a top-rated status. Their remarkable track record includes the recovery of billions for injury victims, a success that is prominently featured in the design to underscore this achievement.

The accompanying copy is strategically crafted to emphasize the significance of thoroughly researching a law firm before selecting a lawyer, recognizing the importance of making an informed choice.


Christopher Chaney, an experienced Criminal Defense attorney based in Los Angeles, emphasizes personal connection in his design. Through imagery featuring himself, potential clients gain a clear understanding of the person they'll be working with when contacting the firm. Additionally, the design prominently features client testimonials, reinforcing Christopher's reputation for professionalism and expertise.


For over six decades, Team Law has been delivering top-notch and assertive legal representation to residents of New Jersey. The selected colors in the design were deliberately chosen to highlight the vigorous and tenacious approach of the attorneys, symbolizing the unwavering commitment to fighting relentlessly to secure victory in your case.


The 2023 Webby Award, hailed as "the internet's highest honor" by The New York Times, was clinched by Power + Voice. This project not only secured two international Lovie Awards for its commitment to responsible information but also emerged as a winner in the 365:AIGA Year in Design competition. Additionally, Power + Voice earned the esteemed FWA award.

Dedicated to empowering women, Power + Voice serves as a valuable resource, delivering authentic interviews, information, resources, and options in the aftermath of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.


Hartman Chartered is an assembly of highly acclaimed trial attorneys specializing in criminal defense and employment discrimination. The selection of colors, layout, and copy is purposefully crafted to create a welcoming environment for visitors and to be optimized for conversion.


Stoloff is a highly regarded personal injury attorney based in New Jersey. The design of his website prominently displays case results and numerous five-star reviews to substantiate his top-rated status. The banner copy underscores his ability in securing maximum compensation for his clients.


Michele Zavos Law received a nomination for the 2022 Webby Award and earned the prestigious "Site of The Day" recognition on The website's design is meticulously crafted to resonate with the LGBTQ+ community, offering valuable information on adoption within this demographic. Through thoughtful art direction, the site narrates the personal journey of the attorney, leveraging her own experiences with adoption to offer crucial legal advice in the challenging terrain of family law.


Berger Lagnese and Paul have successfully obtained substantial compensation in numerous medical malpractice cases. The design prominently showcases a $10 million verdict from a medical malpractice case, complemented by a video introduction featuring the attorneys, providing clients with a clear understanding of the professionals they will be working with. The design incorporates gold and black, iconic colors in Pittsburgh, adding a recognizable and local touch to the overall aesthetic.


Lawlor White and Murphey are a distinguished Personal Injury firm based in Florida. Their website design includes a dedicated "What Sets Us Apart" section, allowing prospective clients to discern their expertise as trial lawyers, exclusive focus on personal injury cases, a demonstrated track record of success, and a legacy of protecting Florida families for over 25 years.

In addition, the design includes video testimonials, adding a personal touch to showcase firsthand experiences and further connect with visitors.


Marrone Law Firm achieved recognition with the W3 Gold Award, The Web Excellence Award, The Gold Davey Award and a nomination for the 2021 Webby Awards. The design emphasizes client testimonials and spotlights the attorney's notable involvement in the news.


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