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    Benefits of Law Firm Public Relations:

    • Media Appearances
    • Article Placements
    • Topical Authority Building
    • More Exposure For Your Business

The Esquire Digital Difference

Why Choose Esquire Digital For Your PR Needs?

Here are the top reasons why some of the best law firms in the country chose Esquire Digital to improve and manage their PR campaigns.
  • 100% Law Firm Focused

    We only do PR for law firms. We believe our razor sharp focus on the legal industry is what helps separate us from the crowd and enables us to obtain the kind of meaningful PR results our clients deserve and should always demand.

    Senior PR Managers

    The best law firm Publicity managers have a lot of industry experience and a deep understanding as to how media platforms operate and continue to evolve. Our law firm PR experts have extensive experience managing PR campaigns and know exactly how to help increase your earned media exposure.

  • A Proven Track Record

    There is no substitute for experience and a demonstrable record of success. A decade of testimonials and case studies speak volumes about our ability to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

    We Know Content

    We collaborate with you to create powerful content that media outlets desire, while positioning you as the expert authority in your field to enhance your legal brand. The right content is purposeful and allows you to differentiate your firm from the competition.

  • Visibility & Exposure

    The best content in the world doesn’t matter if no one ever sees it. Our PR team has decades of experience in building and nurturing the relationships that get your content seen in places other firms never succeed in getting exposure.

    PR Coaching

    In a field dominated by experts, it can be difficult to have your voice stand out above the competition. Through customized PR Coaching, we are able to help our clients effectively craft and communicate the right message, to the right audience, at precisely the right time.

  • Customer Service

    A truly full-service legal marketing agency gives you an entire support team at your fingertips. Not only do you have a dedicated account manager and marketing consultant, you have access to the entire Esquire Digital marketing team. We always put you first and understand that communication and service are paramount.


We have an in-house team of professional legal writers and editors, some with marketing and journalism degrees and some with law degrees, who understand the power of timely content to your practice.


A Reputation Built On Results

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    We have seen dramatic improvements in performance since moving our website and SEO to the folks at Esquire Digital.
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    Everybody says they love the website, traffic is up, leads are up and their service is excellent.
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    We continue to increase our investment with Esquire Digital because the increase in business has been so great!

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    We will quickly identify your goals and set the clear expectations needed to get started on our common goal of creating a long-term successful PR campaign.

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    Let's Talk Strategy

    We can discuss ideas on how to best obtain more media exposure for your firm in the best possible channels to achieve your desired outcome.

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    We take a custom approach to your PR campaign. The bigger the goals, the broader the scope required to make it happen.

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    We provide honest pricing for a first-class customer experience with a senior team of PR managers. The size of your goals determines the size, scope, and budget required for a successful PR campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Law Firm PR Services

Do you require a long term commitment?

We do not require long term commitments for PR engagements.

Do I really need a PR strategy?

Yes. Without a PR strategy, everything you do is going to be hit-or-miss. We work closely with our clients to help them decide what they want their ongoing PR to achieve, then we decide how to get there.

How does PR communicate our firm’s reputation to prospective clients?

We take the time to learn your story. From there, we decide what we want to communicate, to whom, and where. Your firm’s regulation is one of your most valuable assets. We understand this and know how to get you noticed in the right places.

Do you create content for us or use our content?

Both. We can help communicate your most powerful content, and we can create content that will be noticed by the best prospective clients. We know how to repurpose your content, amplify it, and add our own words when needed.