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Improve Your Law Firm's PPC Results

Our PPC Experts Have A Minimum Of 10 Years Experience Running PPC Campaigns For Law Firms.


    Quickly Improve PPC Performance

    • Increase Lead Volume
    • Improve Lead Quality
    • Lower Your Cost Per Lead
    • Lower Your Cost Per Conversion
    • Obtain More New Client Retainers

The Esquire Digital Difference

Why Choose Esquire Digital?

Here are the top reasons why some of the best law firms in the country chose Esquire Digital to improve and manage their PPC campaigns.
  • 100% Law Firm Focused

    Since we started our business a decade ago, we have worked only with law firms. We think having a razor sharp focus on the legal industry is the only way to get the kind of results our clients deserve.

    Senior Legal PPC Experts

    The best law firm PPC companies have PPC campaign managers with lots of legal industry experience and a deep understanding of how PPC ad campaigns should be built.

  • A Proven Track Record

    There is no substitute for experience and a demonstrable record of success. A decade of testimonials speaks volumes about our ability to get PPC campaign results.

    Top Customer Service

    Not only do you have a dedicated account manager and marketing consultant, you have access to the Esquire Digital marketing team. We always put you first.

  • Insightful Reports

    Great campaign reports are detailed and perfectly customized to your needs. We work with you to identify key metrics and set up a custom schedule that works for you. We are never out of touch or out of reach.


A Reputation Built On Results

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    We have seen dramatic improvements in performance since moving our website and SEO to the folks at Esquire Digital.
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    Everybody says they love the website, traffic is up, leads are up and their service is excellent.
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    We continue to increase our investment with Esquire Digital because the increase in business has been so great!

Case Studies

  • Case Study 01

    Gonzalez & Cartwright Was Looking To Improve Their PPC Results

    Gonzalez & Cartwright is Recognized As One Of South Florida's Top Rated Personal Injury Law Firms


    Improved conversion rate


    Increased lead volume


    Increase in retained clients

  • Case Study 02

    Marrone Law Firm Needed Help Generating More Business From Their Google Ads

    Marrone Law Firm, LLC is Commonly Recognized as One of Philadelphia's Premier Trial Law Firms


    Decrease in cost per click


    Increased lead volume


    Increase in retained clients

  • Case Study 03

    Team Law Needed Help Lowering The Cost Per Acquisition Of Their PPC Campaigns

    teamlaw logo

    Team Law Has Been One of New Jerseys Top Rated Personal Injury Law Firms For Over 60 Years


    Improved conversion rate


    Increased lead volume


    Increase in retained clients

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  • 01

    Let's Talk Goals

    We will quickly identify your goals and set the clear expectations needed to get started on our common goal of creating a long-term successful PPC campaign for your law firm.

  • 02

    Let's Talk Strategy

    We create the optimal strategy to distribute your limited PPC Ads budget based on your firm’s goals. The skill and experience of your Esquire Digital PPC Ads campaign manager results in a maximum return on investment.

  • 03

    Let's Talk Scope

    We take a custom approach to your PPC Ads campaign. The bigger the goals, the more client types you want to target the broader the required scope will be to make it happen.

  • 04

    Let's Talk Budget

    We provide honest pricing for a first-class customer experience with a senior team of PPC Ads managers. The size of your goals determines the size, scope, and budget required for your campaign.

  • 05

    Let's Talk


Frequently Asked Questions - Law Firm PPC

Do you require a long term commitment?

Most of our PPC advertising campaigns are set up as cancel anytime month to month engagements. More complex campaigns may require additional investments (ex: Video Production) where costs can be either paid upfront or spread over a longer term commitment.

Will you provide references upon request?

Of course we are willing to provide you with references! In the mean time, you can check out our case studies and client reviews.

How much does pay per click advertising for attorneys cost?

The cost of your law firms pay per click campaign will depend greatly upon the types of cases you are trying to generate leads for, the volume of cases you are looking to generate and how competitive your local market is for those types of cases. We can’t provide an accurate estimate without having a conversation about your pay per click marketing goals and doing some in depth competitive research. The best way to get an intelligent answer is to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.

How long will it take to get up and running?

It can take between a couple of days and a couple of weeks depending upon the size of your campaign and complexity of project scope. We work quickly but always prioritize putting together the best campaign possible over the speed of launching your PPC advertising campaign.

Transparent Scope-Based Pricing

1. Initial Set Up Fees

    (10% of Projected Ad Spend – One Time Only Fee)

This one time fee covers the creation and set up of all of your paid ad account(s) including keyword research, campaign and ad group strategy, ad to landing page mapping and overall account settings strategy.

2. Ad Management & Consulting Fees

    (Tier Based – 25%, 20% or 15% of Projected Ad Spend – Recurring Monthly Fee)

This is a recurring fee that covers ongoing tweaks and updates to bid management, campaign structure, A/B testing of ad copy, negative keyword implementation and overall monitoring of your campaigns.

3. Landing Page CRO Fees

    (Optional % of Projected Ad Spend – Recurring Monthly Fee)

This is a recurring fee aimed at continuously improving your landing page conversion rates. It covers ongoing landing page creation, content adjustments, call to action testing and design tweaks based on our analysis of your campaign conversion data.


    I’m Ready to
    Start Conservatively

    Ad Budget

    $7,500 & Below

    Per Month


    • $3,000 Direct To Paid Ads
    • $750 Ad Management Fee (25%)
    • $500 Landing Page CRO Fee
    • $300 Initial Set Up Fee

    Example Monthly Spend =

    $4,250 + Initial Set Up Fee

    Schedule A Free Consultation

    I’m Ready to
    Be Aggressive Now

    Ad Budget

    $7,501 to $15,000

    Per Month


    • $10,000 Direct To Paid Ads
    • $2,000 Ad Management Fee (20%) 
    • $1,000 Landing Page CRO Fee
    • $1,000 Initial Set Up Fee

    Example Monthly Spend =

    $14,000 + Initial Set Up Fee

    Schedule A Free Consultation

    I’m Ready to
    Smoke The Competition

    Ad Budget

    $15,001 & Above

    Per Month


    • $25,000 Direct To Paid Ads
    • $3,750 Ad Management Fee (15%)
    • $1,500 Landing Page CRO Fee
    • $2,500 Initial Set Up Fee

    Example Monthly Spend =

    $30,250 + Initial Set Up Fee

    Schedule A Free Consultation