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Our Award-Winning Art Director has over 10 years of experience designing websites for law firms.

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Why Choose Esquire Digital

Find out why some of the biggest & best law firms in the country have chosen Esquire Digital to design their websites.

    Award-Winning Designs

    Our websites have won significant awards in the design industry and we believe our portfolio speaks for itself. We feel that while awards are wonderful recognition, they are way less important than creating designs that perform. We pride ourselves on creating websites that maximize conversion rates for law firms.

    Trained in CRO

    Our designers are all trained in the art of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Therefore, not only will your website be visually impressive, it will have calls to action optimized to convert your website visitors into new client leads.

    No Design Templates

    At Esquire Digital, every site is custom built and unique. Not only do we not use templates, we don’t believe in using them either. Your firm is distinct, and this should be reflected in your website.

    100% Law Firm Focused

    Esquire Digital works exclusively with law firms. We think our razor sharp focus on the legal industry is one of the secrets to our success in producing the kind of results our clients deserve and should always demand.

    Senior Web Designers

    There is no substitute for experience. Our designers average over 10 years experience in web design. This level of experience guarantees a professional client experience and a stunning design for your law firms website.

    Senior Web Developers

    Our senior developers will build your website using all of the latest technology in a way that maximizes performance in search engines and provides a seamless user experience. They are experts with superior knowledge in all aspects in the web development stack, from databases to HTML.

Top Honors

Top Honors Award-Winning Designs

We've grown from simply winning awards for our creativity, to having the immense honor of being able to award others for theirs. We now sit as judges for multiple award academies, helping set the standards for excellence in web design and user experience.

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Featured Designs


"Blume Forte Fried Zerres and Molinari stand out as a premier Personal Injury firm in New Jersey, boasting a top-rated status. Their remarkable track record includes the recovery of billions for injury victims, a success that is prominently featured in the design to underscore this achievement.

The accompanying copy is strategically crafted to emphasize the significance of thoroughly researching a law firm before selecting a lawyer, recognizing the importance of making an informed choice.

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Hartman Chartered is an assembly of highly acclaimed trial attorneys specializing in criminal defense and employment discrimination. The selection of colors, layout, and copy is purposefully crafted to create a welcoming environment for visitors and to be optimized for conversion.

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For over six decades, Team Law has been delivering top-notch and assertive legal representation to residents of New Jersey. The selected colors in the design were deliberately chosen to highlight the vigorous and tenacious approach of the attorneys, symbolizing the unwavering commitment to fighting relentlessly to secure victory in your case.

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Melissa CalendlyMelissa Calendly


One of our growth consulting experts will walk you through our process, uncover your growth goals and work with you to put together a completely customized strategic plan devised to help you reach your law firm's specific goals.


A Reputation Built on Results

At the end of the day, results are what matter most. Just listen to what our clients have to say about their results and what it’s like to work with our elite team of law firm marketing experts.

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Since hiring Esquire Digital, my business has tripled - not sure anything else I say will matter as much as that.

Michele Finizio

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Things improved very quickly after hiring Esquire Digital - leads coming in from the web have never been higher!

Lombardi + Lombardi

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When you find a company you can rely on and that you like and trust - you hire them.


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